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Donald Trump is the president

Speaking from the convention stage in Cleveland in 2016, Donald Trump made a solemn promise to the American people: that “the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end. Beginning on January 20, 2017, safety will be restored.”

It was, at the time, a striking promise. Starting in 1994, the US murder rate had fallen consistently for 20 years. Violent crime had fallen so much that nobody talked about it anymore as a political issue, and the “tough on crime” politics of the 1980s and 1990s was widely viewed as embarrassing.

After Michael Brown’s death at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri, the mainstream conversation in the United States was about criminal justice reform, not reducing crime...

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Voice of America reporters: Trump-backed CEO “is failing” the US

The tenure of the Steve Bannon ally who President Donald Trump appointed to run the vast global network of news agencies operated by the US government is going about as well you’d expect. That is to say: not well at all, if you ask top reporters at one of the most prestigious outlets he now manages.

On Monday, 14 reporters at Voice of America sent a letter to their acting editor to sharply rebuke Michael Pack, the CEO of the US Agency for Global Media, for his controversial campaign to — as he put it last week — “drain the swamp.”

“We fear that the current USAGM leadership is failing not only the news organizations … and our audiences, but also our stakeholders, including the American public,” reads the letter, signed by VOA Washington editor Aru Pande, White House bureau chief...

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No one knows what “back-to-school shopping” means this year

Jasmine Nakasoni has put aside about $40 to $50 every month since last August for her daughter’s back-to-school shopping expenses. As members of the debt-free community, she and her wife don’t rely on credit cards, so instead, they budget out for nearly every occasion or event they expect to spend on. This year, the initial plan was to spend $500 on school supplies and new clothes for their 14-year-old, Hayley.

The coronavirus pandemic, however, threw their budget off-kilter, as Nakasoni realized that her daughter would need a desk, headphones, and organizational supplies for at-home learning, instead of the notebooks, pens, and dancewear she originally planned for.

The family attempted to maintain a sense of normalcy by taking Hayley on a socially distanced shopping spree and prese...

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“It’s been a weird campaign”: The confusing Democratic Senate primary in Massachusetts, explained 

Voters have their last chance to weigh in on one of the country’s most head-scratching primary races this Tuesday, September 1.

Last year, Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA), a four-term congressman and scion of one of the US’s most famous political families, announced that he would challenge sitting Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), who’s up for reelection this fall. What Kennedy has struggled to articulate since then, however, is why he’s doing so. Although he’s emphasized a commitment to the people of Massachusetts, and framed his candidacy as one advancing generational change, Kennedy’s bid has still left many confused.

“He has never answered the question of ‘why he’s running’ well,” says Erin O’Brien, a political science professor at University of Massachusetts Boston, who had her own theory...

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The eerie prescience of HBO’s Watchmen

One of the most acclaimed TV episodes of the last year is “This Extraordinary Being,” from HBO’s miniseries version of Watchmen, which aired in late 2019. In it, the series’ main character, Angela (Regina King), imbibes a drug called “Nostalgia,” which allows her to enter the curated memories of Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr. in 2019; Jovan Adepo in the 1930s), the grandfather she’s just met. As she viscerally experiences those memories, she discovers the ways in which superhero stories and American racism are hopelessly intertwined.

The episode has received eight Emmy nominations, out of Watchmen’s total 26, and one of those nominations belongs to its director, Stephen Williams, a longtime TV director whose work with Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof also includes Linde...

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بنده ناصر رسولی هستم در این مطلب میخواهم شما را با فاکتورهای جادویی سئو آشنا کنم ، این مطلب را میتوانیم جامعترین مطلب  در زمینه راهنمای سئو بدانیم چراکه 187 فاکتور تاثیر گذار در رتبه بندی گوگل به صورت کاملاً تجربی توسط بیش از میلیون ها سایت مشاهده و ثبت شده است که شما هم اکنون در این مطلب آن را مطالعه خواهید کرد.
من به شما قول میدهم بعد از مطالعه مطلب راهنمای جامع سئو دیگر نیازی به هیچ مقاله و استادی برای یادگیری سئو نخواهید داشت...

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Poll: Biden’s approval rating got a convention bounce. Trump’s didn’t.

The Republican National Convention may have ended with a literal bang — fireworks spelling out “Trump 2020” — on Thursday last week, but according to a new post-convention ABC News-Ipsos poll, President Donald Trump isn’t getting much of a convention bounce — at least when it comes to his approval rating.

Historically, presidential candidates see notable, though frequently ephemeral, increases in their polling following their party’s conventions. For instance, in 2016, Gallup found Trump’s approval rating rose about 5 percentage points following the GOP convention, before falling ahead of the election.

However, this year, Ipsos pollsters found Trump’s overall approval rating to be essentially the same as it was ahead of the GOP’s convention, falling 1 percentage point fro...

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Trump responds to a deadly shooting in Portland by blaming Democrats — and calls for the National Guard

One person was killed in Portland, Oregon on Saturday after supporters of President Donald Trump lead a caravan into the city — and instead of trying to deescalate tensions, Trump spent Sunday on Twitter threatening to send in the National Guard.

Among a slew of other missives, the president retweeted a message calling for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to resign and tiptoed right up to the edge of endorsing violence, saying a video showing his supporters unleashing paintballs and pepper spray on Portland residents — and at least one journalist — reflected that escalating unrest “cannot be unexpected … The people of Portland won’t put up with no safety any longer.”

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What we know about a deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon

A shooter killed one person in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night, according to a statement by the Portland Police Bureau.

Much is still unknown about the shooting, but the victim — a white man — appears to have had some connection to the far-right Patriot Prayer group; according to Willamette Week reporter Aaron Mesh, the victim was wearing a hat and shirt with the group’s logo.

The shooting comes after supporters of President Donald Trump led a caravan of vehicles through the city Saturday and clashed with anti-police brutality protesters in Portland’s downtown; video from journalist Cory Elia shows trucks flying Trump flags driving through people on a street and unleashing pepper spray as the vehicles forced their way through a crowd of protesters.

At least 10 arrests were mad...

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How to make TV’s funniest show during a pandemic

When the Emmy nominations were announced in July, nothing made me happier than the eight surprising nods (including Best Comedy Series) for FX’s deliriously funny vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows, based on the film of the same name.

The deeply silly TV show turned out a second season that is one of the funniest TV seasons I’ve seen in ages, featuring riffs on whether vampires have ghosts of themselves because they’re already dead and an entire episode that largely abandons the show’s usual format as one vampire goes on the run and finds a small town where he fits in a little too well.

One reason the series is so good is that it’s a product of two great comedy minds from very different generations, working together as executive producers...

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